The 10 Best Reasons to Get a Job In Sales


Whether you just graduated from college, high school, or decided to make a career switch, it’s inevitable that you will stumble across some job opportunities involving sales. Since almost every company needs a salesperson, there are literally millions of sales jobs out there. While not everyone is cut out for a job in sales, it can be a learning experience for anyone, and will probably make you appreciate what salespeople have to go through. If, however, you’re considering making it a career, here are the 10 best reasons to do so:

1) Money – This is number 1 for a reason; most salespeople go into the profession because they want to make the most money possible without an advanced degree, and they often do. Salespeople can make well into the six-figures and sometimes even seven or eight figures (if you’re at the right company and good enough). If you want to maximize your earnings and don’t want to go to school for ten years to become a doctor, sales is the place for you.

2) Excitement – Sales is one of the most unpredictable and exciting careers you can have. Since there are so many variables, different customers, changes to the product and yes, things that can go wrong, there is usually never a dull moment. If you have any doubt about how exciting sales can be, try going to a sales floor at the end of the month, or the end of a fiscal quarter and then get back to us.

3) The challenge – You can make a lot of money working in sales, but they don’t just hand it to you for no reason. Sales is all about setting goals, and then doing whatever it takes to achieve them. This can range from putting in long hours, to going above and beyond what some would deem reasonable to make a sale, to being industrious enough to drum up your own business. The challenges are there if you’re willing to step up to the plate.

4) Knowledge – No matter where you work, you will learn some incredibly vital information about products, people, and yourself. If you work in financial sales you will learn the ins and outs of financial instruments and investments, if you work in car sales you will learn about automotive technology and credit scores, if you work in medical device sales you will become an expert in the latest medical technology, all the while learning what drives people to make decisions and what you yourself are made of.

5) Job security – It’s true that there can be a lot of turnover at sales jobs. But the caveat is that a salesperson can almost always find a job. Once you have experience selling, you can take those skills and transfer them to a sales job nearly anywhere. Some industries will obviously require a background in their specialties, but salespeople can find work as long as companies have something that they need to sell.

6) Grit – Do you think you know how to push through when times get tough? Go into sales and stick it out, and you’ll know with absolute certainty that you can. Working in sales is like a roller-coaster, with days when you’re on top of the world and closing new deals every day, and days when you feel like giving up and getting a steady salary. But those who can keep moving forward no matter what will develop a skill that no school can teach you; grit.

7) Working with people – There are lots of jobs where you get to work with others, but sales allows you to work with people outside of the immediate circle in your office and with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. You might talk to an engineer in the morning, a housewife in the afternoon, or the CEO of a fortune 500 company. Sales exposes you to a wide range of people, which will depend on whether you’re B2B or B2C sales.

8) Variety – In addition to being exciting, sales usually offers a wide variety of experiences, unlike many jobs where you perform the same mundane tasks or projects over and over again. Of course, successful salespeople do have a routine and manage their time appropriately to get results, but the clients will change as you close old ones and prospect for new ones, the goals will change and so will your performance, adding variety to your working hours.

9) Fun – Maybe your sales manager won’t admit it, but working in sales can be (and should be) fun! Salespeople are quirky and a bit nutty, and there’s no shortage of pranks, nicknames, and high-energy maniacs on every sales floor. Throw in contests with prizes for top performers, sales conferences and company trips, and a bunch of Type A personalities working in the same office and there is no other profession out there that will have as much fun at work as the sales staff.

10) Friends – While you can make friends working in any job, it’s unlikely that you’ll develop the same bond as you would with your fellow salespeople. The ups and downs of working in sales force you to go through tough times with your teammates, and enjoy the successes with them as well. Compare it to going into battle with someone; everyone is going through the same things you are, and the friends you make in sales will be with you for a long time.

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