10 Things You Should Never Say to a Salesperson


We already covered 10 Things Your Salesperson Won’t Say to Your Face. But it works both ways, and salespeople are no strangers to hearing things that should never come out of their customer’s mouths. Most of these are said by people who believe that they will get a better outcome by opening their mouths, but some are the result of just bad manners. In any case, here are ten things you should never say to a salesperson:

1) “I don’t want to play games” – By saying this, you’re automatically assuming that the salesperson is going to play games with you, and putting them in a defensive position. While you may not care; if you’re looking to get a better deal, accusing someone of playing games isn’t the right way to go about it.

2) “Maybe you should’ve gone to college” – First of all, many salespeople did go to college and chose sales as a career after graduating. Second of all, it’s insulting to question people’s life choices in almost any circumstance. It’s truly none of your business.

3)  “I can’t talk, I’m in an important meeting” – If you were in such an important meeting, then why did you answer your phone to begin with? You don’t need to lie; just say that you’re not interested or that you’d rather not talk. Salespeople have heard the meeting line way too many times to believe it.

4) “But what I read online makes me more qualified than you” – Of course, it’s possible that what you read online could be correct while what the salesperson is telling you is not. But it’s also very unlikely as salespeople deal with their product on a daily basis, not just in a cursory Google search.

5) “I’ll tell you how to do this, I used to be in sales” – It’s great that you once worked in sales, but it really doesn’t mean much unless you’re showing compassion for the salesperson. Things change, companies are different, salespeople are different, and telling people how to do their job doesn’t help anyone.

6) “I don’t trust you” –  Of course honesty is the best policy. And some salespeople definitely don’t deserve your trust. But the problem most salespeople experience is that they are automatically not trusted due to the actions of some bad apples. Let people earn your trust, but don’t assume they never deserve it.

7) “I can get a better deal somewhere else” – If you can get a better deal somewhere else, then you should go ahead and take it. If you’re using it as a bargaining chip, then you should have some proof to back it up. If you’re making it up, then you’re a liar.

8) “Give me a lower price, or I walk” – This is a common strategy by customers looking to get a better deal from their salesperson, and we’ll admit that sometimes it works. But maybe phrasing it a bit differently would get you farther. How about putting it nicely instead of immediately getting adversarial?

9) “Do you have any idea who I am?” – You would be shocked at the number of times customers try pulling this one on salespeople. The answer is no, we don’t have any idea who you are, and if you talk to people like that, then we would love to keep things that way.

10) “I’ll be back” – You can say this to a salesperson, but only if you mean it. We are so used to hearing it from people who have zero intention of ever returning that we literally just don’t believe people who say it anymore. As far as we’re concerned, they left on the “Be-Back Bus.”

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