100-Year Old Still Selling Cars, Is the Man

Photo by Elysia Conner
Photo by Elysia Conner

Many of us work hard thinking that if we just save enough money, we can retire and live a life of leisure, preferably somewhere warm. But Darrell Alexander has been selling cars for over 66-years and just turned 100! The salesman still works 6 days a week at White’s Mountain Motors in Casper, Wyoming, which is more working days than most Americans. His customers call him Mr.Chevy, and he credits his work ethic to his longevity. “You sit around the house and watch TV or something, and you don’t last long.” he says.

From the Casper Journal:

Alexander was a top salesman at the height of his career, winning trips from Hawaii to Spain, Rupe said. Now he doesn’t worry much about selling many cars. Most of his regular customers have died, though he still sells a few to their children and grandchildren as well as other who request doing business with him, he said. All salespeople have their own tricks and methods that work for them, Alexander said. “I’m not going to tell it,” he said, when asked about his techniques.

In addition to his work ethic, Alexander also has one of the most important characteristics of any salesperson: a great sense of humor:

Employees who stay around the shop long enough will get probably get a nickname from Alexander, said sales manager Marco Castillo. His is “Mexican Joe,” and Ferrell is “Sweetheart.” There’s also “Shorty” and “Mama;” and he called a former colleague “Die Hard.”

But there’s an initiation period before that, where he might not acknowledge them at all, some said. Six months after salesman Nemat Karamzadeh started, Alexander suddenly turned to him and said, “Hey! Where did you come from?” They struck up a conversation about his hometown, Billings, where Alexander also spent some time, and they have been friendly ever since.

And it doesn’t sound like Alexander is going to retire anytime soon:

“I don’t have no hobbies,” he said. “I’ve worked all my life, so I don’t know nothing else, I guess.”

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