5 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Increase Your Sales


We’re not going to get all sales-managerish on you with this list, but since every salesperson is always looking to get an edge, most people appreciate any outside perspective they can get. While some of this is common sense, as they say; “Common sense isn’t so common nowadays.” Here are five tips that can help you increase your sales!

1) Add a visual of what motivates you – Everyone has their “why.” Whether it’s your children, a car that you really want to buy, or because you want beat that two-faced brown-noser Ryan you work with this quarter. Take a photo of your “why” or write it out, and put it on your desk so that you can see why you’re doing what you’re doing.

2) Shut up and listen – This is probably the most difficult thing for some salespeople to do, but it’s the one thing that will put you a step ahead of other salespeople. The next client you talk to, just let them talk. The only time you should be talking is when you’re asking them a question to better identify their needs, or to present the solution to the problem which they’ve just identified for you.

3) Change something in your routine – Lots of salespeople say that this has made the difference between being good and being great. If you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, you are likely to get the same results. Changing something in your routine, no matter how small, like taking a different route to get to work, can shake things up and give you some new perspective. Try it.

4) Make one extra call/contact – When I was first in sales training for financial sales in early 2006, the trainer told us a story about a guy named Chip. “Chip” was probably a fake name made up to get the point across, but it went like this; Chip was the top producer in his office because every night before he left and when he was all finished with his day, he would make just one extra call to a potential prospect. That call can sometimes be the one that puts you over the top.

5) Lighten up – Sales is stressful. You need to hit your numbers, your management is all over you, your bills are hanging over your head, so it’s hard not to take everything so seriously. But when it comes down to it, being able to take a step back and see the absurdity of everything can be a major stress-reliever. And salespeople who aren’t stressed, and not selling from a place of fear, but from a place of easy-going calm will always have better results!

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