5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Date a Salesperson

Image from Flickr
Image from Flickr

Salespeople frequently get a bad rep. We think it’s unwarranted and unfair since salespeople not only work for a living the same as everyone else, but they’re responsible for keeping the rest of an organization employed by bringing in new business. Not only are salespeople great, they also make great girlfriends and boyfriends, here are five reasons why:

1) They won’t cheat – The one thing salespeople have to do all day is chase people around to get their business, calling leads, following-up, going to businesses or people’s houses. After doing that all day, the last thing a salesperson wants to do after work is chase after someone else. Your salesperson boyfriend or girlfriend will be so sick of running around after people all day that they will just want to come home to you every night.

2) They bring home the bacon – Salespeople are usually well paid. This will obviously depend on a number of factors; the company they work for, the industry they’re in, and how well they perform, but salespeople tend to be some of the best-compensated employees at a company after upper management. There may be ups and downs, but at the end of the year the pay ends up averaging higher than most salaried employees, which is a nice bonus for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

3) They’re not boring – There is one thing you can never accuse any company’s sales-force of being, and that’s boring. Salespeople are some of the most colorful, energetic, and quirky people you could ever meet. Some are over-caffeinated maniacs, some are hilarious pranksters, and some are just plain quirky and strange. But unlike accountants and lawyers, they’re probably not going to put your feet to sleep.

4) They will always have a job – Unlike many other professions, salespeople don’t have a hard time getting a job for the simple reason that every business organization needs salespeople, no matter what the product is. So if a certain industry is suffering during an economic downturn, a salesperson can take their¬†transferable¬†skills and switch industries. Selling is a specialty, and unlike a violin-maker or an photographer, it’s a specialty that is demand as long as there are businesses out there looking to make money.

5) They know how to make you feel better – One of the most important skill sets of a salesperson is the ability to make a customer feel comfortable, encouraged, and buy into the company’s message. So if you ever need to be cheered up, encouraged, and supported a good salesperson can do that for you better than anyone else. Obviously the person needs to be kind to begin with, but if you find a good salesperson to make your significant other, you’ll always have someone who can lift your spirits.

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