5 Signs That You Were Born to Work in Sales


We’ve all heard the term “natural salesperson,” and even the expression that someone was “born to work in sales.” But putting aside vague generalities, are some people naturally better salespeople than others? The answer is yes. While there are plenty of introverted people who do amazing as salespeople. there are always signs that someone is going to end up working in sales in one form or another. Here are five signs that you were born to work in sales:

1) You love talking to people – If you hate people or dislike talking to them, you’re not a natural salesperson. The best salespeople truly want to hear what their customer is saying, and use their listening abilities to figure out a solution to their problems. Talking to people, however, doesn’t mean just talking at them, as the difference between the cream of the crop and everyone else is the ability to allow the other person to speak, rather than just waiting for your turn to talk next.

2) You get easily bored – The same type of personality that would make someone an excellent engineer would make them a terrible salesperson. Salespeople are rarely analytical, and often very impatient. It’s the search for the next fix and chasing the high of the next sale that is the biggest motivator for them, not sitting at a desk and grinding out a long-term solution or performing menial tasks day in and day out for a salary. Salespeople need excitement, and the rush of closing a deal can be as addicting as any drug.

3) You’re extremely competitive – There are many sales managers and company owners who purposely look for former athletes to fill sales roles strictly because of the fact that these people are competitive by nature and tend to want to let that nature motivate them to perform at their highest levels. People who were born to work in sales absolutely hate seeing someone they work with beating their numbers, and it drives them so crazy that they will do absolutely anything to never experience that feeling again.

4) You’re a naturally happy person – There are lots of different salespeople out there, but the ones who are naturals tend to be optimists. How many “glass is half empty” people have you seen rise to the top in sales; a profession where attitude is more important than any other. People who were born to work in sales always think that their next deal is right around the corner, and that every cloud has a silver lining.

5) You don’t take “no” for an answer – This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to true salespeople vs. impostors. Natural salespeople don’t see “no” as a stop-sign, but as a “yield” signal, if even that. Being told no will motivate the true salesperson to either overcome the objection, or move onto the next prospect, but it will never slow them down, and will never stop them from reaching their goals.

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