8 Jobs That Are More Dishonest Than Sales

Image from Flickr Creative Commons

One of the biggest challenges that comes with working in sales is the public’s preconceived judgement about your level of honesty. The average person tends to think that every salesman is a liar, or at least that the vast majority are. If you’ve worked in sales then you know the truth; some salespeople are dishonest, and some aren’t. It’s really not much different than any other industry that deal with the public. In fact, salespeople as a whole are probably more honest than plenty of other professions. Here are some:

1) Lawyer – Lawyers do have an awful reputation but they are certainly more dishonest than salespeople. Not only do some of them literally lie for a living but their lies have serious ramifications like keeping criminals on the streets or forcing people and businesses into bankruptcy just to win a case.

2) Lobbyist – Lobbyists are basically people that get paid to say and do anything possible to get laws changed in order to favor whoever it is that happens to be paying them. The world would probably be better off without lobbyists as they are sort of like legal corruption. And they lie a lot.

3) Politician – This one probably doesn’t need an explanation because it’s so obvious. In fact, a recent poll showed that congress was actually less popular than cockroaches…interesting. Politicians get elected by lying and then stay in office by lying even more. They’re very good at it.

4) Mechanic – “That noise your car is making means we’re going to have to replace the engine.” “Of course your transmission will be working fine after you pay us $1500 to rebuild it.” “I didn’t bend your antenna while working on your car, it was already like that!” I think you get the point..

5) Advertising Executive – Advertising executives make big bucks by convincing people that they need things they absolutely don’t. They have told the biggest lies of all time, from marketing cigarettes to kids, to convincing almost every woman in the world that they need an expensive diamond from their future husband. (The “Diamonds are Forever” campaign by DeBeers is considered the most successful marketing initiative in history).

6) Corporate CEO – If the 2008 economic collapse proved anything it’s that corporate CEO’s will lie, sell out their companies and employees, and save their own skins while everyone else is left holding the bill. Not all CEO’s are liars, but the ones who are tell big lies that cause big problems.

7) Motivational Speaker – There are some great motivational speakers out there like Zig Ziglar who make an overall positive impact on society, but the vast majority are lying charlatans looking to sell you their newest book. Unless a motivational speaker can point to a success they’ve had aside from their motivational speaking, it’s really hard to trust what’s coming out of their mouth.

8) Spy – Ok, spies might be doing it for the greater good or carrying out a mission of extreme importance, but they are still really big liars. Not every spy is going to be like James Bond, cool and collected, but every spy will definitely be a liar, and a much bigger liar than any salesperson out there!

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