7 Signs That You’re The Best Salesperson In Your Office

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No one would accuse salespeople of being the most humble bunch, but it’s not like we spend all day bragging about how great we are…at least not all of us. But what if you really are good? What if you’re the best? Every office has that guy or girl who thinks that they’re god’s gift to sales, but it’s rarely the best salesperson in the office who acts that way. The best salespeople are usually too busy selling to be bragging about it. Here are seven signs that you might be the best salesperson in your office:

1)  You don’t need to talk about how you’re the best – There’s one thing that’s almost always true about top producers; they seldom need to let everyone know how great they are. That doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in themselves, they just don’t have to broadcast it to the entire office. Of course if you ever get into a little competitive argument with them, they’ll say something like “Let’s just look at the board,” but the true winners know that nothing is guaranteed next month, so they’ll stay quiet.

2) People try to come up with excuses why you’re more successful than they are – The top salesperson in the office will have to deal with some negativity as well. No one wants to admit that they’re getting beat fair and square, so your co-workers will justify your success with reasons like “He gets all the house deals,” or “Her uncle knows so-and-so,” and any other number of comments made to imply that you didn’t earn your success.

3) The manager always uses you as an example in meetings – Sales meetings are a frequent occurrence in every company, and those meetings can range from inspirational to depressing. But if you’re the best salesperson in your office, you will very likely get a shout out from your manager during the pep-talk.

4) You get special privileges – Sales is one of the few careers where your work performance can be so accurately measured that if you are successful, you will be treated differently than your co-workers. The best salespeople don’t need to beg to get days off, can often work remotely, and will get house deals much to the dismay of their co-workers. Being the top dog will always come with special privileges.

5) Your co-workers ask you for advice- If you’re the best, people will want some of what you have to rub off on them. The newer sales reps will be in awe of you and pull you aside to ask what your secret is, and the seasoned vets will look at you with a mix of envy and respect. But you will be forced to take on a leadership role, whether it’s informal or not.

6) You are hyper-competitive – If you think the best salespeople are motivated only by money, you’re highly mistaken. It takes a special kind of personality to succeed in a sales environment and the best salespeople usually have a huge chip on their shoulder driving them to do whatever it takes to win. You might not think that the top rep is watching the #2 and #3 people and what kind of numbers they’re producing, but they’re keeping a very close eye on their competitors and are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure they stay at the top.

7) You’re the most consistent in the office – The best salespeople seem to have the ability to come out on top at the end of the month without always looking like they’re going to. Other sales reps go on a run and grab the top spot, only to fall back to the bottom the following month, but the best salespeople don’t always look like they’re going to finish strong until they do, nearly every month or quarter. This is because the same habits of consistency that get them to the top ensure that they stay there.

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