5 Things Salespeople Should Be Thankful For This Year

Image from Flickr Creative Commons

No one can claim that working in sales is easy, but those of us who have chosen to go into the profession know that there are lots of benefits. This holiday season, many salespeople will have to go into work while others get days off. But despite the commitments we’ve made, there is a lot for salespeople to be thankful for this year. Here are the top five things:

1) Supportive sales managers – While not every salesperson gets to experience working with a manager who was once in their shoes and shares a common goal of seeing the salesperson succeed, there are lots of great sales managers out there who support their employees 100%. Great sales managers know how to motivate their staff, and understand that each individual has a unique set of characteristics that drives them. Great sales managers also set high expectations and then provide the right tools and a plan so that the sales staff can achieve their goals, rather than constant negative reinforcement like the kind you get from bad management.

2) Slam dunks – Whether it’s house deals, getting lucky, or being in the right place at the right time, there is simply nothing better in sales than a slam-dunk deal. This is usually someone who calls or comes in, knows what they want (or just asks you to list their options) and buys without any issues at all. It doesn’t happen very often and it’s not something any salesperson can ever count on happening, but it happens to everyone and boy, does it feel great when it does!

3) Great leads – Yes, we’re talking about the Glengarry leads here. The cream of the crop! Great sales leads do exist, but you don’t find them at every company. Highly-targeted, qualified sales leads mean money in your pocket, less time wasted, and a happy sales staff, happy management, and happy company ownership. Companies that focus on investing the resources to get their staff the best leads possible instead of throwing the same old recycled junk lists at them and then getting mad when they don’t convert will have plenty of revenue coming in the door. There’s a famous entrepreneurial saying: “Sales cures all.”

4) Co-workers – Since sales tends to attract type A personalities, there can definitely be some tough work relationships that you have to deal with. Competitiveness, dishonesty, and passive-aggressive comments are present on many sales floors. However, the bonds that you build with your fellow salespeople can absolutely last a lifetime. It’s like being in the trenches with others, you’re all handling the grind and the challenges in your own way, and may not always feel like you’re one big team, but if you ever leave the job, you’ll very likely look back at all of the friends and memories you’ve made with fondness.

5) Sales Humor – Yes, it’s a shameless plug for our Facebook page and website, but it’s true. We started the sales humor page because we thought that there was very little out there to entertain salespeople who, let’s face it, have a job that can be very emotionally draining. It turns out that lots of salespeople agreed with us and visit the page as well as this website daily. A salesperson that’s laughing and happy is better at selling, so we hope to keep you entertained and make sure you have another great year ahead for yourselves and your families!

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