What Type of Salesperson are You? (6 options)


Salespeople come in all shapes and sizes. Some have college degrees, some don’t. Some like football, some like motocross. Sales attracts the general public with the opportunity to make big money without having to spend years in school. But while salespeople can vary in personality, appearance, and interests, there are some stereotypical salespeople that are commonplace no matter where you work. It’s unlikely that you’ll find all seven of the following working in one place, but I guarantee that if you’ve been in sales long enough, you’ve worked with at least half of these at some point.

1) The big talker – This type of salesperson is probably the most common of the specimens. They talk about how great they are, how bad everyone else is, how much money they make, and when they close a deal the entire office will get to hear about it for a month. Some of these guys can sell, but mostly they’re full of crap. They tend to have very good months and very bad months, with very little consistency otherwise.

2) The silent but deadly – This type salesperson isn’t very common, but a great asset to any sales organization. They don’t brag, they don’t complain, they really don’t say much at all, but they are consistent and they tend to close a lot of business. It’s usually surprising to see this salesperson beating everyone on the board because they don’t seem like they’re even interested in talking to other people, let alone selling them something. But once you see how consistent and hard-working this salesperson is, you won’t be surprised anymore.

3) The steady grinder – This is probably the most common type of salesperson there is. This salesperson isn’t great, but he (or she) isn’t bad. This salesperson puts in effort, but not too much. This salesperson’s numbers are just good enough to fly under the radar, and just good enough to hit bonus. Every organization needs salespeople like this to keep steady business coming in the door, and they usually don’t have to worry about them leaving for greener pastures because the steady grinder stays and grinds out a living.

4) The grizzled old dog – These salespeople tend to be the absolute best ones to talk to since they can tell you incredible stories about how things “used to be.” These old dogs might not be the best closers on the floor, but everyone shows them respect because they’ve put in the years to earn it. Grizzled old dogs might complain a bit, but they never get involved in serious office gossip, they’ll just crack a joke or make a comment and move on. They love talking to their customers for a really long time, telling stories and getting sidetracked constantly, because that’s the best part of their day.

5) The young maniac – These salespeople keep both motorcycle dealers and drug dealers in business. Young, hungry for money, and living the fast life. The young maniac spends his or her entire commission check on booze, tattoos, and new toys. They work hard, and go straight to the bar after work to party even harder. It’s usually only after they’ve had a kid or gotten charged with a felony that these salespeople are able to calm down and become more steady, but they are as common in the sales world as telephones are.

6) The strange guy with the briefcase  – Admittedly, this one is a complete anomaly, but he does exist. This strange guy always brings a suitcase with him to work. No one knows why, because there is no paperwork that he needs to bring home from the office. He is usually quiet, and tends to last at a sales job for only a few months before moving on to the next one without really making any sales. If anyone knows this strange type of salesperson and is able to figure out what makes them tick, please let us know!

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